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Onto the more informal introduction. My name is Bex, I am 20 years old and I live in Durham, England. When I'm not at home, I'm based in Bournemouth where I'm currently studying multimedia journalism at Bournemouth University. Outside of my studies, I work part-time as a student ambassador for my university, operating in different roles such as a mentor for primary and secondary school students and a representative during public events like UCAS conventions and higher education talks. I love Netflix, football, Ariana Grande and sometimes I write down my brain thoughts into words on this little blog of mine. Here are some quick facts about me:

Name​ - Rebecca (Anna Hall) Young

Occupation - Multimedia Journalism student at Bournemouth University, Entertainment and Lifestyle blogger

Date of Birth -7th April 2000

Favourite Animal - Zebra

Interests - Netflix, football, Ariana Grande, going to the cinema at least once a week, spending too much time on Buzzfeed

Favourite Film - Back to the Future

Guilty Pleasures - Reese's and The Big Bang Theory

Biggest Fears (Rational and Irrational) - Needles and the dark

Dream Dinner Guest - (you guessed it) Ariana Grande

Superpower - Making people laugh



My passion to pursue journalism came from spending hours upon hours reading and watching interviews of my favourite celebrities as an early teen. Combining this with my love for English and media studies during secondary school, I chose to further my knowledge by completing A levels in English language, media studies and film studies. Then it came to choosing a subject to study at university. Having a thorough understanding of how our global media landscape is constantly changing and updating, I knew I needed to pick a course that encapsulated this, as well as the fundamental units of journalism. After plenty of research and a couple of open days, I finally made my decision to study Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University. And here I am, currently in my final year (eek!), and doing as much as I can to reach my dream of becoming an entertainment journalist.

My course covers a variety of journalistic practices, ensuring that students graduate with as much understanding and experience in each field, along with being accredited by the NCTJ, BJTC and PPA. This includes broadcast journalism (both video and audio), features and news for online, public and global current affairs, media law and court reporting, and shorthand. I am also working to achieve my NCTJ diploma in journalism. 

My experience in the world of journalism started during sixth form when I got to shadow an experienced BBC cameraman and skilled journalist at work at BBC Look North, gaining insight into how local TV news features are created, filmed and edited. The big jump occurred at university where I started writing reviews and feature articles, particularly focused on entertainment, for BU's student-led media, Nerve Now. Through this, I gained some confidence in my writing and constructed this blog where I regularly post reviews and features on entertainment culture. I even explored podcasts for a short while and was a member of a pop-culture podcast called "Empty Talks", where we discussed topical issues and current affairs.

Last Summer, I got my first taste of the professional walk of life through two weeks of work experience at Metro Radio, a Bauer-owned local radio station based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I completed different tasks including collecting Vox Pops, editing clips, writing scripts and interviewing. Notable stories I got to work on included Virgin Money, Cohda Design, the Women's Football World Cup and a local visit from Jeremy Corbyn. 

Thanks to the introduction of a global pandemic, I had to change my plans to pursue further work experience and soon found an opportunity to work with news, entertainment and fashion site WhatsOn. This ran over almost 2 months and entailed writing a number of different entertainment pieces for the site, as well as a food-and-drink feature for their student guide publication which was released in September 2020. This was an invaluable piece of experience to understand what it is like to write for a professional publication and to develop my skillset further.


My skillset is always adapting and growing, and I'm trying more and more to delve into different areas of journalism, culture and technology. Journalistically, I have knowledge and understanding of media law and public/global current affairs. I'm learning shorthand, working to hopefully achieve my 60wpm. Feature writing is one of my biggest strengths, and I get to practice all the time through this blog and other media. And my experience working and creating on a podcast means that podcasting is something that I really enjoy and hope to pursue again in the future.

Through my degree and work outside of studying, I've obtained a number of transferable skills. Public speaking is one area that I'm confident with, practising regularly during educational talks in my student ambassador work and units of study. This links to communication and teamwork, skills that I achieved and have been developing from a young age. Plus, growing up in the 21st century means that I'm confident working with social media, a skill that many young journalists now have inadvertently.

In terms of software, my knowledge spans across editing, processing and construction formats. This includes Wix and Wordpress for website construction; Burli, Adobe Audition, Dalet and ENPS for audio editing; Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Rush and WeVideo for video editing; Adobe InDesign and Illustrator for design work and MS Office for word processing.

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