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Ariana Grande at the BBC - Review

Queen of Pop and vocal sensation Ariana Grande graced the screens of millions across the UK this week. Appearing with a full all-female orchestra, choir and her band, she performed an hour-long special on BBC One, hosted by television presenter Davina McCall.

Ariana is holding a mic and is in the middle of a song during her second tour, The Honeymoon Tour
Ariana Grande performing on her 2015 world tour, The Honeymoon Tour

Singing both hits of new and old, as well as a number of segmented interviews, Miss Grande was poised, entertaining and just effortless.

The programme opened by Ariana performing her summer smash-hit No Tears Left to Cry. It was nothing less than excellent. The crowd was lively, Ariana had great energy, it was a fantastic way to start the show.

Followed by an introduction between McCall and Grande, it seemed a little awkward and static at first (as most interviews do) but the pair relaxed almost straightaway and conversation began to flow.

This became the structure of the programme: Ariana going to perform a song, come back to chat for a couple of minutes and then she was back up to sign again. It was a little bit 'stop-start' and it might have worked better for her to perform a couple of songs and then focus on the interview session with Davina for longer periods of time.

This was my only complaint however. I adored the set-list, and Grande certainly advertised her vocal ability in an impressive way.

She performed hits from her past albums such as Love me Harder and Dangerous Woman, and tracks from her newest album Sweetener like Breathin' and God is a Woman. My personal favourite was Only 1, a bonus track from her second album My Everything. This is one song that Grande has rarely performed since it's release so it was nice to hear something new rather than her mainstream content.

I also very much enjoyed the discussion between Davina and Ariana. They covered a variety of topics including the events of the Manchester Arena bombings and mental health. It was clear that Miss McCall had done her research and this was a huge benefit. She didn't pry and was very respectful towards Grande, even playing a short video clip that showed members of the Manchester community giving their praise and support towards Ariana. It was poignant and very touching to watch, whether you were a fan of her work or not.

From sources online, it appeared that some moments originally filmed were cut for time. This includes performances of more tracks from Sweetener like Pete Davidson (for obvious reasons) and Get Well Soon, as well as a cover of Them Changes. Some elements of discussion were also dismissed but they weren't recorded to begin with. Nonetheless, the content featured was still very enjoyable and captivating to watch.

And what better way to end the special than with a beautiful rendition of One Last Time, a song that is now close to the hearts of many. The entire special was highly entertaining from start to finish - it was a shame that it wasn't longer! It showcased Ariana's talent, fun personality and reasoning as to why she is respected by a number of people around the globe.

Miss Grande is a spectacle, a visionary for the music industry. She is not only beloved by many all over the world but holds a special place in the hearts of the British public.

You can watch Ariana Grande at the BBC on demand via https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bqmws3

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