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Darcy Lewis: An old friend that needs to stick around

Forgot Doctor Strange. This is the Doctor that needs her own feature project

There are dozens of Marvel side characters that are remembered for their iconic performances: Happy Hogan from the Iron Man saga, Ned from the Spider-Man flicks, Korg from Thor: Ragnorok. But none leave quite the memorable mark than Miss, excuse me, *DOCTOR* Darcy Lewis.

It seems strangely bonkers that it's been just over seven years since we last saw Darcy with her trademark beanie throwing sarcasm and cheek to those who stand in her path. She's come a long way since snogging her English intern and totally mastering driving. Within the first ten seconds of her appearance in WandaVision, viewers are treated to her usual level of sass and no-bulls*** attitude, while also seeing that she's developed a whole new level of smarts.

Using her fearless curiosity, she figures out that the team investigating the events in Westview clearly have no idea what's causing the energy field ("we've got the full clown car") and we also discover that she's changed her field of study from political science to astrophysics. This is clearly from working (and becoming best pals) with Jane Foster (and Thor) and it makes me VERY emotional.

And not only is she a whizz in astrophysics but SHE'S A DOCTOR NOW FOLKS! There's a reason S.W.O.R.D called her in for special assistance. She's quick to correct someone who forgets her title (as she should) which proves that her classic confidence is still her biggest strength.

While I won't cover her entire performance in the latest episode of WandaVision, there were so many highlights that need to be mentioned. First and most importantly, her friendly bond (and impressive partnership) with FBI agent Jimmy Woo. It appears the pair could run the entire operation on their own as they seem to be the only people making any actual progress - Darcy especially. She uses her knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment (that Physio-Scope form Lexington Instruments is really something) to find out that "the universe created a sitcom starring two Avengers?" She's essentially the breadwinner for the entire exploration team and S.W.O.R.D still lack faith in her hypothesis.

But you can always rely on good, old Jimmy Woo to act as her supportive back-up. Not only is he the only person that refers to her as "Doctor" (the respect), he's also very happy to sit and get invested in Wanda's sitcom reality, going into full-domestic mode when they start sharing snacks and discussing children (a cute mistake that makes a perfect icebreaker). You can interpret their chemistry in many different ways yet I'm very much shipping Darcy and Jimmy real hard.

Another is her teen-fangirl moments that are basically all of us watching what’s going on in Westview. The woman is emotionally invested and a total WandaVision stan. She replicates parts of the process that we, as an audience, had when the helicopter turned up or Wanda gave birth to the twins (“Twins. what a twist” is probably one of my favourite lines from the series thus far). Having that observational window for viewers is a really clever move from Marvel and helps to extend Darcy’s inviting magnetism.

One of the big take-aways is that, not only is her introduction completely delicious, it adds a further feminine touch to the MCU that has always been missed in its huge feature films. Only in Avengers: Endgame did we get the short sequence with all the kick-ass ladies of the superhero ensemble and it's one of the most memorable scenes from the 3-hour emotional rollercoaster. Female representation has always struggled in the superhero genre, and it's taken big, bold characters like Black Widow, Scarlett Witch and Captian Marvel to break the mould. While Darcy doesn't have the assassin training or superhuman abilities, she has huge amounts of charisma and banter that make her far more interesting than some of the boys in the Avengers squad.

Marvel have used humour and satire to make their films more than the guy in the cape saving the damsel in distress. However, they need to play to their own strengths and take even more risks. It was their biggest one yet to produce a superhero sitcom and looked how it has worked out: the first trailer for WandaVision attracted over 55 million views in its first 24 hours and the series currently scores 93% on the Rotton Tomatoes 'Tomatometer'.

It would be a shame to reintroduce characters like Darcy and Jimmy to leave them behind again after the show's finale. I for one would really enjoy a spin-off series of these two working together as a quirky, dynamic duo. Having them negotiate with Z-list aliens who pose a threat to Earth: she's already proved she's handy with a taser! Hopefully, by writing this idea down it'll somehow manifest itself into the universe because that would make some cracking good television! After the reception online following episode 4, it looks like people have dearly missed Darcy - simply look at the Darcy Lewis hashtag on Twitter.

I know we've got a lot (and I mean A LOT) of projects in the pipeline at Marvel Studios but what's one more? Kat Dennings is far too good to be set aside once again. Dennings herself said in a podcast interview that Darcy was originally only supposed to appear in two scenes in Thor. But she used her scintillating personality and brilliantly-talented self to prove that Darcy was capable of being more than just a simple side character. Her charm is electric and her efforts within the Westview operation are sure to become even more impressive and paramount as the show progresses further. So come on, Disney.

The power is in your hands. The ball is in your court.

The Doctor will see you now. And maybe she'll get that cup of coffee she asked for?

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