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Exciting titles arriving on Star

DisneyPlus' new venture brings hundreds of movies and TV shows to the streaming service

DisneyPlus appears to the King of streaming at the moment. Beating their four-year goal of reaching 90 million subscribers in just 14 months, the mass production of original and pre-existing content seems to be very much working in their favour. And their new expansion is sure to bring plenty more interested parties.

Star brings hundreds of new titles to DisneyPlus, which are intended exclusively for adult audiences. Even before Star, the subscription service was filled to the brim with exciting content. The new development is a huge upgrade that shows how much control Disney now have over the battle of the streaming services.

Here are just a pinch of the tons of titles Star has added to DisneyPlus' library.

Ugly Betty

This comedy-drama classic is a welcome addition. Nearly 11 years after its conclusion, Ugly Betty is still a cult favourite that was famous for its cultural impact and hefty list of accolades (163 award nominations and 62 wins). Following 22-year-old Betty Suarez, a sweet and naive wannabe magazine journalist, Betty must make her mark within high-fashion Mode Magazine where she sticks out like a sore thumb against her colleagues. Ugly Betty is seriously a lot of fun to watch and features some iconic performances from stars like America Ferrera and Vanessa Williams (the icon that she is). Boasting 85 episodes across four seasons, it's the perfect series to binge-watch during lockdown 3.0.

Love, Victor

Love, Victor marks one of the first Hulu projects to drop on DisneyPlus. Inspired by the 2018 teen rom-com Love, Simon, this series is set in the same world as its inspiration. Simon himself, Nick Robinson, narrates and serves as one of the show's producers, even making a cheeky appearance in the eighth episode. Victor is a new student at Creekwood High School, and similar to Love, Simon, the show's plot follows Victor's journey of self-discovery and his struggles with his sexual orientation. Michael Cimino shines exceptionally in one of his first feature roles. Filled with a lot of heart, this spin-off is sweet and charming.

Family Guy

I'm sure you'll already be pretty familiar with this widely acclaimed animated sitcom. Seth MacFarlane's pride and joy makes its streaming debut, with 18 seasons dropping for viewers to enjoy. This is one of the more impressive exports that has come thanks to Disney's acquisition with 21st-Century Fox back in 2019. Despite its criticism and controversy, Family Guy is sure to be a popular favourite with DisneyPlus subscribers. There also lots of tie-in media, including the spoof Star Wars trilogy and spin-off series The Cleveland Show, which could soon be making an appearance in Star's library if all goes well.

The Favourite

Yorgos Lanthimos' period black comedy is the real deal and suggests DisneyPlus will be branching out to feature a varied collection of genres in the upcoming future. The Favourite was nominated for a whopping 274 awards, winning 119 of them (including ten Academy Awards and seven BAFTAs). Featuring the unsurpassable performances of Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone, The Favourite tells a story of heartbreak, rich with romance, period drama, and a little bit of silliness. Get your Queen Anne on and make sure to have plenty of cake at the ready for two hours of historical satire that will have you clapping and cheering for the film's fierce, funny trio of female talent.

Deadpool 2

Even though its predecessor hasn't landed just yet, Deadpool 2 is a surefire addition to the impressive list of superhero films on DisneyPlus. Deadpool is back with his usual, wisecracking shenanigans, forming a team of mutant superheroes to protect a young boy with pyrokinesis powers from a time-travelling cybernetic soldier. Ryan Reynolds is undeniably charming (did we expect anything less?) and injects his own cynicism and humour into the role effortlessly. With the development of a third Deadpool picture (which will be integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe) in talks, get the excitement levels growing by refreshing your mind with the fun of this ingenious sequel.

Pretty Woman

30 years after it's release, Pretty Woman is, without a doubt, one of the most beloved romantic comedies of all time. The film made Julia Roberts the Hollywood leading lady she is today, receiving a Golden Globe Award for her performance as Vivian Ward. Even though it wasn't exactly a favourite with critics, Pretty Woman was, and still is, a favourite with fans all over the world: we've all seen the iconic jewellery box scene that makes the rounds on social media regularly. DisneyPlus' list of rom-coms was very limited before Star arrived so hopefully, Pretty Woman marks the start of lots more similar films being added soon.

Star's introduction also means lots more Hulu and FX projects will finally be coming to not just DisneyPlus but the UK as well. This includes American Horror Story, Dollface and Y: The Last Man.

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