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Love, Death and Robots - My Top 5 Episodes

The first season of LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS was released almost two months ago on Netflix. This animated anthology series features eighteen episodes that are generally focused on the science-fiction and fantasy genres but it also infuses sub genres such as horror and comedy. It's a little bit dark and a little bit twisted yet the animation is impeccable.

Here is a run down of five of my favourite episodes:

Three Robots

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, three robots embark on a tour of sightseeing to understand how humans lived before they were destroyed. This is one of the shorter episodes found in the series but it is hilariously funny. You'll come to find out that cats are a lot more intelligent than they appear to be...

Good Hunting

This episode very much reminded me of an anime series and it would no doubt be a very successful one if continued. Good Hunting follows the relationship between a young Chinese boy and a shapeshifting mythological creature. The pair first meet as children before reuniting years later in steampunk Hong-Kong. This is probably my favourite episode from the entire season and gives vibes of Alita: Battle Angel. If you enjoyed that movie, you are sure to love this.


Another one of the show's shorter episodes, it features a ragtag gang of cyborgs who attempt to steal from a convoy that is heavily armored with gadgets and weapons. It's a great little action story that features plenty of fight sequences and lots of explosions. Fans of sci-fi will love it!

Ice Age

In the only episode that includes live-action, Ice Age follows a young couple who find a tiny civilisation living inside an antique freezer when they move into their new apartment. That 70s Show alum Topher Grace and star of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Mary Elizabeth Instead play the young pair who avidly watch the small society evolve before it reaches its end. It's a really endearing short story that comes full circle in the end.

Alternate Histories

In a new alternative history simulation app called 'Multiversity', viewers are shown six alternate timelines of what would have happened had Adolf Hitler died. This is very much a satirical episode and could be regarded as a bit of a filler. Nonetheless, it's very comical and the style of animation is fun and different.

You can watch LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS on Netflix here:

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