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This Week I've Been...

The first week of February, of course, sets the start of brand new month. And I'm starting a new tradition in sharing some of the stuff that I've been watching and listening to in the past week, as well as some moments that shocked/got me excited.


Lady Macbeth

This independent, British drama is one of the first pieces of work starring the up-and-coming English actress Florence Pugh. Despite its name, the film actually follows the life of Katherine Lester, a young woman trapped in a loveless marriage in the 19th century. When her disinterested husband leaves for business, Katherine finally gets to escape from boredom and explore the estate where she was once enclosed. Lady Macbeth is filled with lust and angst, but at the centre of it all is a creation that advertises British cinema excellently. Plus, Pugh's performance is nothing less than superb - she is simply striking playing a character that is unforgiving and ferocious. You can watch Lady Macbeth on BBC iPlayer.

The People v O.J. Simpson - American Crime Story

Being a big fan of American Horror Story, I had always told myself to find time to watch American Crime Story. And how could you not choose to focus on the O.J. Simpson murder case for the first season of a true-crime series? Whether you have an overflowing amount of knowledge about this event or you've skimmed through the Wikipedia page, screenwriters Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski have done a brilliant job in making sure every episode is authentic as well as dramatic. The cast is unbelievable, the direction is amazing, 10 episodes just doesn't feel like enough to present one of the most publicised criminal trials in history! However, no amount of detail is dismissed or sacrificed. You can find The People v O.J. Simpson on Netflix.


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Page 7

I've suddenly rediscovered my love for podcasts, and so this week's picks are both from this format. Page 7 is produced by the Last Podcast Network and episodes are fixed on events in the pop-culture world and celebrity gossip from the last week. Having listened to a lot of podcasts with a similar subject matter, Page 7 is a little bit different from the rest thanks to the work of presenters Jackie Zebrowski, Molly Knefel and Holden McNeely, who's chemistry is fun and infectious. One of my particular favourite episodes thus far was an exploration of the life of Prince in a series titled Pop History, where the life and events of different celebrities are told in an entertaining yet detailed fashion. You can listen to Page 7 on Spotify.

The High Low

Another podcast I have been listening to all week is The High Low, a weekly pop-culture and news podcast hosted by notable female journalists Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. Topics of discussion are wide and comprehensive, from memes that broke the internet to Theresa May's interview with American Vogue, you'll find yourself really listening in to hear what the girls have to say. It's a combination of "the political and the trivial", as the hosting duo put it, which works effectively to have you engaged throughout. In a world filled with thousands of different options for podcast attention, The High Low is slick, enjoyable and a great representation of women at the forefront. You can listen to The High Low on Spotify.

Shocked by:

DisneyPlus and Marvel

The UK has been awaiting the release of DisneyPlus for what feels like an eternity, and the brand new trailer which was teased during the SuperBowl last Sunday definitely got Marvel fans excited. The advert showed a small taste of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WandaVision and Loki, all of which will focus on the respective characters. Out of the three, I am most eager to see Wandavision as from the first look, it appears it will subvert the common conventions seen in popular web-television series. Also, the inclusion of Darcy Lewis as a main character is something I am very much looking forward to, being a huge fan of Kat Dennings. But alas, there is still quite an amount of waiting time before we will get to view these shows in all of their Marvel-infused glory.

Hamilton movie

Being one of the millions who have yet to see Hamilton, and are very envious of those who got to watch the production with its original cast, Disney announced some thrilling news this last week. Lin-Manuel Miranda's smash-hit musical will be released in cinemas in October next year. This came about when a filmed stage performance from 2016 was offered to a number of major movie studios, and it was Disney who trumped over the rest, buying the distribution rights for $75 million. Thanks to this big purchase, we'll all get to be in 'the room where it happens' when the live-theatrical experience finally arrives.

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