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This Week I've Been...

In another week of battling deadly storms and celebrating love in memory of Saint Valentine, there was plenty going on in the world of entertainment. Here are some of my picks from the last 7 days.


The Circle

I know that I am 18 months behind the times but I have pulled in by the virtual insanity of The Circle. The reality game show created by Channel 4 revolves around a number of contestants living in the isolation of The Circle. Confined to their one-bedroom apartments, players communicate with each other through a specially constructed social media app, trying to win the liking of their "friends" in order to save themselves from being blocked and having to leave. Despite being attached to the stigma of reality television, The Circle explores the complexity of social media and identity, allowing players to portray themselves in any way that they wish (this inevitably leads to a lot of catfishing). It's totally addictive and both series are available to watch on All 4.

Sonic the Hedgehog

After an overwhelming reaction to the film's original trailer and a lot of editing, Sega's swift blue hedgehog finally arrived to cinemas. In the first live-action adaption of the popular video game character, Sonic finds a new home in the quiet town of Green Hills, Montana and meets local sheriff Tom Wachowski who gives him a helping hand when a strange turn of events has the government chasing after the hedgehog for his superpowers. Jim Carrey returns to the film screen (finally!) and does a superb job of bringing the dastardly Doctor Robotnik to life in an animated fashion, replicating the frenzied energy originally seen in his early career. Despite the plot falling flat in terms of story, Sonic the Hedgehog is entertaining and definitely worth a watch.


Nathan Lane on The Hollywood Reporter podcast

Nathan Lane - a legend in the musical theatre world. You might know him for his appearances in Modern Family as the quirky and dramatic Pepper Saltman, or as the voice of Timon in Disney's The Lion King. However, he gained status for his work on the broadway stage and his Golden-Globe nominated performance as Albert in The Birdcage. In The Hollywood Reporter's podcast, 'It Happened in Hollywood', senior writer Seth Abramovitch and TV writer Chip Pope sit down with Mr Lane to discuss The Birdcage, as well as his first steps in the world of showbiz and what came next after the success of the 1996 comedy picture. As a huge fan of Nathan Lane, it was a dream to hear such a great interview that explored one of my favourite actors. You can listen to the podcast episode on Spotify.

No Time to Die

The 25th instalment of the Bond film series required a theme song that emanated depth and talent. Since each Bond film chooses to feature an artist at the top of their game to perform the iconic feature track, it feels completely right to gift this to Billie Eilish. The 18-year-old has broken musical records in a truly deserved fashion, only just scooping five Grammy awards not even a month ago. Teaming up with her partner in crime, her brother Finneas of course, the track is perfectly produced. It isn't the usual tone and glamour of a Bond song, choosing a much softer and smoother melody for the ears to enjoy. I can't wait to see the opening credit sequence creation that will play alongside the song when No Time to Die is released in early April.

Shocked by:

Stranger Things season 4 teaser trailer

Still reeling after the events of season 3? Aren't we all (RIP Hopper). But Netflix gave us all a Valentine's Day present on Friday with a gift "From Russia with Love". In a snowy landscape, we see a group of prisoners hard at work fixing a broken train line. Closing in on one prisoner in particular, we see the fur-clad figure take off his hat and who is it but our very own Jim Hopper! This is certainly something that nobody was expecting, and there is no indication as to when we can expect season 4 to be arriving to our screens. The world will have to play the waiting game for now until some news is finally shared about what is next for the residents of Hawkins, Indiana.

Rick Moranis returning to acting for 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' sequel

Many of us spent hours of our childhood wishing we could be shrunk to a tiny version of ourselves so we could explore our own back gardens in a similar way to the characters of Disney's 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids'. So no wonder Twitter was excited when it was announced that Rick Moranis (inventor Wayne Szalinki in the original film) would be reprising his role for the sequel. The movie, which is titled 'Shrunk' (clever, right?), will star Josh Gad as Szalinki's son who, you guessed it, shrinks his own family. This is one Disney reboot that I'm sure fans are looking forward to.

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