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TV Shows I enjoyed in 2018

2018 was a year filled with masterful television. With high-octane dramas and rib-tickling sitcoms, there was plenty to watch and enjoy. Here are five of my favourites from the last year:


NBC's supernatural drama premiered in late September and broke records, becoming the top-rated new show for the broadcast season as well as the second highest most-watched premiere of the autumn season. Buzz for Manifest came early on as the teaser trailer and 10 minute sneak preview swarmed social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Starring Once Upon a Time alum Josh Dallas and Canadian actress Melissa Roxburgh, the series follows the passengers of flight 828 who return after being presumed dead for over 5 years. With a storyline that has audiences baffled after every episode, it's no wonder that its holding a strong, consistent viewership each week. And with only 7 more episodes to go till the first season reaches its end, I'm very much excited to see how it all plays out.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

After binge-watching the first four seasons on Netflix early on in the year, I had found my new favourite sitcom. I loved everything about it: the character dynamics, the pop-culture references, the long-running jokes, I adored each episode. Then came the news of its cancellation - I was devastated and I wasn't the only one. A worldwide uproar was heard instantly, including big names like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Mark Hamill. Just a day later, it was picked up by NBC and they ordered an eighteen-episode sixth season. And this sixth season is only 5 days away! I'm intrigued to see if NBC have given the show more freedom (based upon the increased promotion it's received compared to Fox. it's fair to say the answer to this could be yes) nonetheless the detective squad of the 99th Precinct made my 2018 a lot more hilarious.

This is Us

This is Us was a show that I had seen plastered all over social media, both for it's critical acclaim and popularity with audiences. When I found out the first two seasons were available on Amazon Prime, I finally took the plunge. 36 episodes later, I was a sobbing mess. The premise was one of the most complex but most interesting I had seen on television in a long time. The consistent crossover between the past and the future, the perfect mixture of comedy and drama, I had fallen completely and utterly in love with the Pearson family. The performances from Sterling K. Brown and Mandy Moore are flawless and totally deserving of the awards they have received. If you're not already watching, I definitely suggest you take some time to watch the pilot. You'll thank me later.


A WW2 nurse transported back to 18th century Scotland where she meets handsome warrior Jamie Fraser? I know, there's a lot going on. Based on the book series of the same name, the historical fiction series stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan as the Frasers, following their journey from strangers to lovers during the Jacobite risings. It can be a bit jaw-dropping at times: whether that's from the major plot twists, gruesome gore or raunchy sex scenes. You move from Scotland, to France, back to Scotland, then over to the US, all within the space of the first three seasons. And with season four currently taking place in the American colony of North Carolina, the Fraser clan is encountering slavery, Cherokees and the return of their daughter, Brianna. There is plenty more to come for our favourite Scot and Sassenach duo.

Once Upon a Time

Yes, Once Upon a Time. It's not everybody's favourite but in 2018, the ABC fantasy series reached it's penultimate end. After seven seasons of magic, happy endings and plenty of villains, we saw Regina Mills come full circle and be crowned "The Good Queen" of all the realms. It was bittersweet. Despite its disengaged writing at times and controversial moments on social media, it was a show that I had invested myself in for a number of years. Lana Parrilla consistently shone season after season through her perfect portrayal of the not-so-Evil Queen and it gave a new meaning to the fairytales to once knew and loved. You either love it or you hate it (I felt both feelings at different points in time) but I'll never forget the world I was transported to as I watched every episode.

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