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TV Shows I'm Looking Forward to in 2019

The new year means that, not only is the winter hiatus almost at its end, but it also brings a whole new selection of television to our screens. Here is just a handful of what I'm excited to be watching this coming year.

Grand Hotel

Coming later in the year, this drama series is based on the Spanish series Gran Hotel. Premiering on ABC, Grand Hotel follows a family-owned hotel on Miami Beach as the audience is plunged into storylines of secrets and scandals. Eva Longoria acts as executive producer, with the show getting greenlit in May last year after a successful pilot order. Starring Demián Bichir Nájera and Roselyn Sánchez as main cast members, the Mendoza family will be introduced to viewers in June. As the tagline says, it's a "five star hotel with five star secrets".

Jane the Virgin

Returning for its fifth and final season, the wait is almost over after that jaw-dropping cliffhanger! Yes, Michael has returned (SPOILER ALERT!) just as things were going so well for Jane and Rafael. Truly in novela-style fashion, audiences were shocked in a twist that nobody saw coming, and we've been waiting almost a year to see what happens next. The story of Jane Gloriana Villanueva continues with Chapter Eighty-Two coming at the end of March. Here's a short recap of season 4 to get you all psyched for the new season!

One Day at a Time

This is probably my favourite choice from this short list! After binge-watching the first two seasons early last year, I've been waiting in anticipation for this series to make a comeback. The critical acclaim it has been receiving is a reflection of the superb performances of Justina Machado and Rita Moreno, and the refreshing construction of how it handles subjects such as immigration, mental illness and homophobia. The Alvarez family will return to screens in just under a week's time with just as much drama and laughs as its previous seasons.

Stranger Things

Season 3 of the Netflix smash-hit science fiction series is highly awaited by all. The new season will take place a year after the events of season 2, focusing on the relationships formed by Eleven and Mike, as well as Max and Lucas. The episode titles released last month give some indication about what could be in store but most details are being kept very quiet. Just like the previous two seasons, there is sure to be just as much 80s nostalgia, especially since its set during the release of the first Back To The Future film. GREAT SCOTT!


Everybody's favourite zombie medical resident returns for a fifth and final season in just a few months time. After the high-octane events of season 4, it appears that Liv will be continuing her role as Renegade, as Ravi tries to to make as many zombie cures as possible in the almost apocalyptic conditions of New Seattle. I am gutted that this new season will be iZombie's last but I'm intrigued to see how they will round everything up. In case you've forgotten, here's a short outline of the season 4 finale so you're all ready for May when iZombie makes it way back to our screens.

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